Insight Into Security: Your Security is our priority

Privacy and legal compliance being the major part of Drillbit’s concern, there is no additional monitoring required for your works when you submit it to us. we always take it as our responsibility for your documents and give you full fledge support.

Taking it straight: which ever document you submit it will be found no where on internet.

Data Integrity: You will always have control on whom to share your documnet with. Only after your approval it is published for further works. So no where your data will be shared.

A note on Deletion: when you upload your document for plagiarism check and done with the check. Later when you wish that to be deleted from our servers soon the deletion will be performed on your request. So always your sensitive data is kept with a keen security.

Security and legal compliances:

  • DrillBit uses an encrypted connection (256-bit-SSL) for all the communications.
  • Your documents are transmitted in a protected environment via https protocol.
  • Your uploaded documents are kept anonymous in the Plagiarism Prevention Pool and the system is multi-client enabled.
  • DrillBit operates in Bengaluru, INDIA – conforming to the domestic legal framework.
  • This website is developed in classic HTML, Checking out any code gaps or security inadequacy that could make our system vulnerable to attacks.
  • Data processing on behalf of the data controller is in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act § 9 and § 11.a