Plagiarism is the wrongful appointment and distribution of another writer's dialect, considerations, thoughts, or articulations and the portrayal of them as one's own particular unique work

What is Plagiarism?

Oxford Dictionary defines Plagiarism as utilizing someone else’s work and pretending it to be your own work. It is, in fact, more than simply copying someone else’s work. When students submit work claiming to be their own, but which in any way borrows ideas, organization, wording or anything else from another source without appropriate acknowledgement of the fact, the students are guilty of plagiarism. It even includes copying from unpublished works. Plagiarism is usually discovered by scholars and researchers during the continuance of their research work. The occurrence of plagiarism is increasing rapidly in this competitive world.

Most of the University’s stated policy is that it is your responsibility to know what plagiarism is and to avoid it in your course of work. You will not escape penalty by arguing that you didn’t know your behaviour constituted plagiarism. If you are in any doubt whatsoever about work that you’re proposing to submit for a class, ask your instructor before you submit it.The situation for someone who has plagiarised is roughly similar to that of someone who has forged a banknote and then presents it to an expert on banknotes for checking.

Plagiarism In India

The concept of Plagiarism and duplication is not that prevalent in India. However, there might be instances undercover that students in colleges or universities are practicing the plagiarism in a broader perspective.
Now a days every information is available online. This easy availability is making students especially lazy and less creative. They are following the easier method to achieve success without knowing the fact of plagiarism and its consequences. There is knowledge but less awareness about it. So every institution should take responsibility for spreading the awareness.

Plagiarism in some cases will be a two way business with professors of the different arena who fall prey to this recurring issue. This is of much serious concern when compared to the students who plagiarize.The occurrence of plagiarism is increasing rapidly in this competitive world. Looks like the boundary is seamless between plagiarism and research and remains unpredictable. The vital step in prevention a duplicate work is in the identifying the duplication majorly the uncertain one.
There is a misconception prevailing about plagiarism as copying someone else work or duplicating others ideas and thoughts.