Immediate Repository System :

DrillBit offers the feature which is first of its kind. The much required repository for the universities to store the submissions of their students in a safest place. To store the file into repository, the waiting time is absolutely zero. When the submission is successfully stored in repository, The next time when a student submits file with similar content of that one present in the repository then , the plagiarism is detected immediately. Thus this can improve the standard of the university in analyzing the student work and progress in a great way.

Detection of Erroneous words :

Incorrect or abrupt words are known as Erroneous words. But when it comes to Plagiarism, erroneous words play a huge part in matching and skipping plagiarized work. It is quite challenging task to detect these parts in the sentences, because some characters in the words go hidden hence making it appear legal word. But those words cannot be ignored. This issue is been keenly concentrated and solved here.

Identifies Case Ignored Words :

As like erroneous words, case ignored words too have a huge impact on final result of plagiarism. It is when words are incorrectly written in terms of cases in order to be treated as new word. Every time matching encounters these words they may not match with the existing content but they convey the same meaning. To overcome this issue a special care is taken in DrillBit.

Detection of similarity is done according to Plagiarism rule (Five consecutive words):

According to Plagiarism rule, if 5 consecutive words match in a sentence to that of any available content online, it is considered as a duplicate. DrillBit strictly follows this rule to detect the similarity. Efficiently provided with matching reference, the latter becomes easy to know the source of plagiarism.

Provides 100% Direct Link To website :

Here we introduced a direct link concept to the plagiarized data, it is made user friendly so as to identify all matched web copyrighted data. User can verify detected data by a just click. Those linked data may appear in pdf, html, htm, rtf and other referenced file formats. Here the main goal is made clear i.e. to make the user identify the source of plagiarism easily rather checking unnecessarily.

DrillBit- Advantages :

Choice is always crucial. To choose right you need to be conscious of things around you. Plagiarism as we know is such a critical issue and it removes a portion of legal’s coming through and besides various ethical’s that check under it. To deliver the best the organization is striving hard for the best furnish.