About Drillbit Plagiarism

DrillBit is a unique software developed in India that mainly works on checking duplicate content from a large data available globally. This worldwide used software was developed by the team of two graduates after a thorough extensive research for 2 years.

DrillBit SoftTech India Pvt Ltd is a software development firm, which provides various software to support education system and moto of our company is to inspire creativity in students across all level of education. 

We are a customer-centric company, we specialize in a complete solution for plagiarism and our offerings are highly customizable to universities requirements. We believe in supply quality software at the best prices.

We respect your copyright & privacy and handle your documents in absolute confidence! You will always maintain full control over your texts while retaining your anonymity.

Using DrillBit is as simple as your cup of tea!

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DrillBit’s 3 Products will generates report Which has a unique set of format generated for the easy understanding of the Users. To know the complete details

Methods of preventing plagiarism

  • Consult with your instructor
  • Plan your paper
  • Scan against essays published on the Internet
  • Take effective notes

Writing your paper:

  • When in doubt, cite sources.
  • Make it clear who said what
  • Know how to paraphrase
  • Analyze and evaluate your sources

Features and Benefits

  • Dedicated University Repository
  • Immediate Repository Reflection System
  • Detect Erroneous Words
  • Meticulously detect Document Errors
  • Instructor Feedback on every Submission
  • Archived student papers
  • Active instructors
  • 50+ billion web pages crawled
  • Educational institutions
  • Students license
  • All Countries
  • Encourages proper citation
  • It can be Used for Articles + Journals
  • Periodicals and Books
  • Printable reports
  • Report comparison
  • 100% paperless system
  • Fully Customizable Reports
  • Exclude Sources / Exclude Similarity
  • Works with all subjects
  • Mail forwarding facility
  • Scan against essays on your computer
  • Scan against essays published on the Internet
  • Easy Look onto Match References