Our Variants :


DrillBitRef : This can be used for National & International Conferences, Paper Publications, Academic Publications, Scientific Journals, Academic Journals and magazine Publishing. Documents Scan limit is upto 40 Pages.


DrillBit : It is essentially applicable for Schools, colleges and Universities where reports are to be submitted on a particular projects can make use of DrillBit Software,Usually the Documents Scan limit is upto 200 Pages.

DrillBit Extreme

DrillBit Extreme : This Software is more applicable for PhD Thesis Plagiarize. DrillBit Extreme can be used for Universities,Institutional research Centers & R&D Sectors or any other Government & Private Sectors. The PhD thesis work usually exceed 200 pages,then DrillBit Extreme can be used. Along With few added attractive features & it is quite powerfull tool.

DrillBit service for Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Publications and Conferences - Why?

In Schools and collages most of the time teachers find no time for evaluating student project reports , essays and their assignment works. It is hard for them to find if the work done by students is copiod or its their own work.

So Drillbit suits best for them to identify the work of students if they have plagiarized. Since DrillBit has huge set of Documents in its Dedicated database and its always available billions of online sources, it systematically compares stuident documents with its database and it can be easily identified if data is literally theft.

How DrillBit Benifits for Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Publications and Conferences?
  • Provides Direct links of plagiarism.

  • Software need not be installed - fully operable from any browser via internet.

  • Check anytime anywhere in the College, at home or on the go.

  • Manage your time effectively even if u close ur browser window we have it running on our servers and
           soon  after the check a mail will be forwarded automatically to registered email.

  • Upload and check all of your student's assignments at once in a click.

  • DrillBit generates a automated certificate for every report with similarity index and Grade.

  • Unlimited number of Faculty accounts and unlimited storage of documents and plagiarism reports.

  • drillbit runs in the background and users can view or download the report.

  • Comparison

    Name DrillBit Others
    Unlimited Resources Yes Yes
    Direct Link Data Yes No
    Upload Unlimited Documents Yes Yes
    Case Sensitive Check Yes No
    Erroneous Words Detection Yes No
    Follow Plagiarism Rules Yes No
    Mail Forward Facility Yes No
    Generate Certificate Yes No
    Regional Language Yes No
    Country India ------


    Detection of Erroneous words

    Identifies Case Ignored Words