DrillBit Anti-Plagiarism Software - Help Page with FAQ(s)

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        System Requirements

        For optimal performance, we recommend you to use the following:

           Desktop Operating Systems

              Windows® 7, 8.1, 10
              Mac OS X Intel v10.7+, El Capitan 10.11

           Desktop Browsers

              Firefox 38+
              Chrome 45+
              Safari 9.1+
              Internet Explorer 11

           Technical Requirements

              3GB of RAM or more
              1024x768 display or higher
              Broadband internet connection
              Internet browser set to allow all cookies from drillbitplagiarism.com
              Javascript enabled

        It is very Simple to login

              This is the home page of the drillbit application. Drillbit administrator provides the login details to the registered users. If you want to access the application, please do contact the team. With that login credentials , login as normal procedure. It is as simple as that (A click on submit).

        Add Class/Assignment



              To start off with the work of plagiarism check you need to create a assignment first, which holds all your submitted papers in it. name the assignment of your choice. ex: 'Cloud_Assignment_1', 'myfirst plagiarism check project' , 'yatheendra_assignment', etc,. When the assignment is added it is displayed in the list of all your assignments on Home page.

        What is Message Box ?

              Message box has all notifications and important information about your account and subscriptions. When an Assignment is created and if it empty (i.e. with no files to check for plagiarism) ,that empty assignment will be deleted in 30 days. It is deleted frequently to reduce ambiguity and to avoid long display of assignments on home page when of no use.

        What all options do I get with each Assignment ?

              The newly created assignment is displayed on your home page. There you have option to select that item. when u do it, it takes to page with 3 major visible buttons as shown below. With each button functioning differently select the desired option. Result box takes you where all the results of that assignment is listed. Submit new file option if you want to submit a paper to check plagiarism. Delete assignment is to delete that assignment permanently, this is possible only if that assignment is empty.

        How to add Sub-User ? Who is Admin / Who is Sub-user ?

              Sub User is created by Admin user of that particular university. Admin user is created by Team Drillbit on registration. So admin user does have all the privilages on that account and has the hold on sub users he/she creates. Sub user has limited access to few restricted actions on the account.

        Submitting File for Plagiarism Check

              If you submitting a file you must be aware of assignment craetion. only on selecting particular assignment you can submit file for plagiarism check. In this page as shown in the image, you are asked to enter few deatils about the file like - name , title,etc. Where email id is optional though. Email field would be useful when you want to your result to be sent as email. It is as simple as that (A click on submit).

        Result-Box contains all the information

              DrillBit displays result in two ways, i.e displays all files in one place with all description tabulated, the other way is result of individual file will be shown on selecting that file. In the general display of result called result or Assignment Result Box is designed in a great way to deliver easier understanding to the user. In the image shown above, its a small snippet of how table will be displayed. The plagiarism or similarity is displayed in a colored column with RGB mixing to know level of plagiarism in a flashing way.

        Delete Files which are processed with one click

              This is the home page of the result display in drillbit application. This is one unique feature offered to the user to know more about his/her file individually. Hence gives them more idea on what or which files exactly they are processing.

              Coming to the referrred point i.e. To Delete, There is small link displayed as shown in the image above. Once the link is clicked the file which ever is selected will be deleted without any further confirmations(As user already know which file is being selected). credentials , login as normal procedure. It is as simple as that (A click on submit).

        Mail Forwarding facility

             Now you are already into the home page of the result display, As promised the students/users do not have be backing the Instructor/Teacher to get his/her plagiarism checked submission anymore.!!! Yes you read it right, because DrillBit has come-up with what no others could do.

              We introduced a convinient and satisfying method to receive your report through a mail. All that you/instructor need to do is to mention the student's email address in the submission page. once that is done just click on the - 'Send to Student Mail Address' link as shown above. The mail consisting breif data about file result is send to the student. It is soo useful and helpful.

        An Immediate Repository system

              DrillBit offers the feature which is first of its kind. The much required repository for the universities to store the submissions of their students in a safest place. To store the file into repository, the waiting time is absolutely zero. When the submission is successfully stored in repository, The next time when a student submits file with similar content of that one present in the repository then , the plagiarism is detected immediately. Thus this can improve the standard of the university in analyzing the student work and progress in a great way.



              To Add the file to repository, Once again you need to come to the home page of the result display. Here as shown in the above snippet 1 there is wide button- 'Save TO Repository'. Just click on that and you'll be directed to another page as shown in snippet 2.
              Enter the details about the file i.e. about author, University name & Country. Then Submit. The file is immediately added to the university repository. Not just this the next time when a student submits file with similar content of that one present in the repository then , the plagiarism is detected immediately.

        How long does it take for the application to include files already added to repository?

              Zero Seconds !!!. Yes you do not need to wait at all. It is Immediately included.

For further queries apart from the above please feel free to Get Support From Us anytime

Thank You